Firefox 87 comes with ‘advanced tracking protection’

While it seems to run in the background on popular internet browsers, Mozilla Firefox manages to come up with new updates. The upcoming new version is based on user privacy. SmartBlock, which comes with Firefox 87, includes private browsing and advanced tracking protection.

SmartBlock is based on user privacy

SmartBlock is designed to provide strong privacy protection. This is one of the factors that will increase our experience on the Internet. Mozilla states that privacy is a fundamental right and must be protected while browsing the Internet. That’s why it has been using Private Browsing and Advanced Tracking Protection since 2015. With the new update, it adds a new and advanced security system to its browser.

Scripts and third-party content are disabled

This practice blocks the loading of third-party scripts and other content between sites reported by Disconnect. It also automatically disables uploading of third-party images. Blocking these elements makes it impossible to track users browsing the Internet.

Do not use external Firefox Alert apps

Firefox also advises that third-party applications other than SmartBlock should not be used for such blocking. When using other applications, the necessary components for the correct opening and loading of the sites may be disabled. Therefore, you may not be able to see the content you are looking for.

As a result, images are not loaded correctly and performance is degraded due to this issue. It is said that all these problems will end with SmartBlock. This app checks protections and repairs damaged web pages without compromising users’ privacy. Thus, third-party tracking commands are disabled and sites are loaded properly. Firefox stand-in scripts are said to handle the original tracking scripts “just enough” for the website to work properly.

With these scripts, corrupted sites that rely on original scripts can be loaded without interrupting their functionality. SmartBlock scripts are included with Firefox and third-party content is disabled in all cases. Mozilla reported that third-party content has no chance to track users. Stand-in scripts are safe to use because they do not contain any code to support tracking.

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