Firefox will undergo a major redesign

The year 2021 should be full of news for Firefox users, with the arrival of a major browser redesign, which has been awaited since 2017, when the last major change in the appearance of the program took place.

According to the Ghacks website, Mozilla is working on a full update to its browser, internally called Proton, which will bring not only the expected changes to the design, but also some improvements to the user experience.

For now there is no image of the new version of Firefox, but a meta-bugs page made by the developer on Bugzilla gives an idea of ​​what to expect. Among the areas to change are the main browser menu, address bar, information menu, and modals.

The guides are another part that is scheduled to undergo a reformulation. They have new grouping options and a different vertical alignment when the browser is running in compact mode. The context menu should have a darker shade, according to the publication.

Scheduled for May

There is no official information on when the new look of the Mozilla browser will be available. But rumors indicate that the launch is likely to take place in May, with the arrival of the stable version of Firefox 89.

Anyone using one of the developer versions of Firefox will receive the new interface first when it is released by Mozilla. If you are using the Beta, Developer or Nightly variants and want to get your browser ready for the Proton update, do the following:

Open your browser and type “about: config” in the address bar;
Be careful with changes;
Search for “browser.proton.enabled” and change the setting to “True”;
Restart the developer version of Firefox.
After release, the test for the Proton project is immediately available in your browser.

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