Firms told to stay shut if they cannot protect workers during coronavirus crisis

Firms told to stay shut if they cannot protect workers during coronavirus crisis

Bosses who cannot take appropriate measures to protect personnel against coronaviruses should not reopen their workplaces.

Sarah Albon, General Manager for Health and Safety, said that every job should carry out a Covid 19 risk assessment before the return of staff and that the “vast majority” will be able to implement social detachment and hygiene measures.

However, she said that employers on Parliament’s Labor and Pensions Committee who were unable to do so “should not open individually”.

Ms. Albon said that between March 9 and May 7, the HSE received more 7,149 corona virus-related calls and online inquiries from people concerned about their safety at work.

She said while many of these concerns were addressed “immediately,” approximately 1,400 were referred to the OSH inspectors for further investigation.

In 321 cases, the inspectors spoke to the employers, who had to show what security measures they had taken while 27 were being written, and ordered improvements.

HSE inspectors don’t have to close deals because of these concerns, she added.

Most issues were resolved after regulators contacted employers.

Ms. Albon said that if people return to work this week, a further increase in calls is expected. HSE increases call center staff and extends opening hours from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. to meet demand.

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In the meantime, HSE has received 3,000 reports of occupational diseases related to coronaviruses, 200 reports of dangerous events and 71 deaths from workers submitted through the Riddor reporting system.

Riddor requires employers to report certain serious accidents at work.

When asked why the number of reported deaths among workers was “so low,” Ms. Albon said, “We noticed that. At least we think it is likely that we have had significant underreporting, and this is especially true for NHS attitudes where we have had very, very low numbers reported to date. “

In the meantime, John Simpson, the medical director of Public Health England for emergency resilience and response, told the committee that 0.25 percent of the working population has coronavirus.

When asked whether employers should perform temperature tests for employees, Simpson said that while the measure would reassure workers, it was “probably rather ineffective from a health perspective.”



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