First Briton has received Moderna covid vaccine in UK

A young woman in Wales was the first British woman to receive the Moderna vaccine in the UK when she received the sting at West Wales General Hospital in Carmarthen.

Unpaid caregiver Elle Taylor, 24, who works at a secondary school in Llanelli and lives in Ammanford, received the Moderna push from nurse Laura French in the outpatient department at West Wales General Hospital.

After receiving the vaccine, the 24-year-old said, “I am very excited and very happy.

“I am an unpaid carer for my grandmother, so it is very important to me that I have her so that I can take care of her properly and safely.

“My grandmother got her first dose and she will take her second dose on Saturday.”

Miss Taylor said she didn’t find out until Tuesday night that she would be the first British woman to receive the Moderna push in Britain.

She said she didn’t hear about the Moderna vaccine until she was told she would receive it.

“It was great, the nurses were very nice and it didn’t hurt,” she said.

Miss Taylor said she was aware of a concern that patients receiving the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine will develop blood clots.

“I heard it but it’s not my business and I think if it happens it will and I’ll be in the right care when I need it and I’m glad I tried the new one have.”

When asked how she felt as a trailblazer for millions of other people, the 24-year-old unpaid caregiver said, “I’m thrilled and really happy and honored, and I just hope everyone is fine.”


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