First invites sent for people to attend mass vaccination centres

Invitations for those over 80 to take part in mass vaccination centers have been received by post.

NHS England said the first 130,000 letters asking the elderly to sign up for a stab at the centers would arrive over the weekend. Another 500,000 should follow in the next seven days.

The centers are due to open in the coming week.

The UK’s Covid Vaccination Program is underway to meet the government’s goal of offering vaccinations to nearly 14 million of the most vulnerable people by mid-February.

The letters were sent to people aged 80 and over who live between 30 and 45 minutes by car from one of the seven new regional centers.

The invitations contain information on how to book a slot either by phone or through a national online booking service.

The seven English centers are Millennium Point in Birmingham, Ashton Gate in Bristol, Epsom Racecourse in Surrey, Excel Center, which houses London’s Nightingale Hospital, Newcastle Center for Life, Manchester Tennis and Football Center and the Robertson House in Stevenage.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “Our plan is to vaccinate as many people as possible across the UK as soon as possible.

“And with more than 1,000 vaccination sites across the country, including seven new mass vaccination centers, we will help protect hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people in the coming weeks as we are offering the sting to 12 million people in England by mid-February.

“The weeks ahead are extremely challenging, but today is another significant step forward in the race to protect the public and fight the virus.”

The original list of regional centers was chosen to allow for a geographic distribution that would cover as many people as possible, NHS England said.

Officials say they will each be able to deliver thousands of puffs per week, scaling up and down based on vaccine supply and demand.

The NHS National Medical Director Professor Stephen Powis said: “The coronavirus vaccination program, the largest in NHS history, is off to a good start.

“With more vaccines up and running, we are speeding up the program rapidly and these large NHS vaccination centers are an important new way for people to get life-saving vaccinations alongside our family doctor and hospital services.

“NHS staff are under a lot of pressure as the number of coronavirus infections soars. The record numbers require hospital treatment. However, they are doing everything they can to deliver Covid bumps as quickly as possible.”

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said: “Through our vaccine delivery plan, we have already given initial doses to more than 1.2 million people in England and we are mobilizing the government, the NHS and the armed forces through a massive national effort.

“The vaccination centers are an important milestone and will help to further accelerate the rollout.”

Officials say that people booking a spot at a vaccination center will be greeted by volunteers who will set up the parking spaces and register them upon arrival.

Bookings will be staggered to allow for social distancing, the NHS says.

Those who go will receive a health check and pre-vaccination assessment before the sting, and will then be observed for 15 minutes.

The process is expected to take less than an hour.

There are nearly 1,000 vaccination centers across the country.

The vast majority are led by general practitioners – 80,000 people are trained to deliver shocks.

Health officials say an additional 200 new vaccination services for general practitioners and hospitals will open in the coming week, while a handful of pharmacies will also begin piloting injections.

The NHS is granting GPs an additional £ 10 for each nursing home resident they vaccinate this month as part of a protective measure.


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