First look at new 'British Disneyland' as plans come to life

New images bring to life a new theme park dubbed “Britain’s Answer to Disneyland”.

The London Resort could have at least six planned roller coasters, a series of man-made mountains and a Union Jack-branded rotunda.

Yesterday (December 31, 2020) an application was made to the government to set up the new location in Kent.

If this succeeds, it will be the first European development to be built from scratch since Disneyland Paris opened in 1992.

An artistic impression of the huge £ 3.5 billion theme park was given exclusive to the Daily Star.

When approved and built to the planned size, it will be 136 stadiums – all with an array of mystical and mysterious attractions.

In the artist impressions submitted, it looks like castle towers may also be discovered, further reinforcing claims by developers that the London Resort will behave like a UK Disneyland.

It will also generate much-needed billions for the economy following the devastation of the coronavirus pandemic.

The theme park is divided into thematic “countries” that are also reminiscent of Disneyland.

They will consist of The Studios (inspired by Hollywood), The Woods (a fairy tale kingdom), The Kingdom (full of swords and dragons), The Isles (mythical marine animals), The Jungle (ancient ruins) and The Starport (a futurist) Science Fiction zone).

If the London Resort gets planning permission, construction could begin in 2022 to open in 2024.

The proposed site is currently an industrial site near Gravesham, Dartford and Thurrock.

The teaser images released in October sketched a thrilling aerial view of the proposed theme park and showed helter-skelter, roller coasters, and other rides of all kinds.

First look at new 'British Disneyland' as plans come to life 1

The creators don’t yet know exactly which attractions are on offer, but last year the resort signed a deal with Paramount Pictures so a Hollywood theme might be in the works.

The Development Consent Order (DCO) describes the plan to develop two theme park gates, a water park, a conference and convention center, and an esports facility.

More than 3,500 hotel rooms will be created on both sides of the Thames and two ferry terminals and facilities at the rear of the house, a visitor center and a new road from the A2 will be built.

First look at new 'British Disneyland' as plans come to life 2

Most of the materials needed to build the resort will be delivered on the river.

The London Resort is also said to be the world’s first operational climate-neutral theme park.

The eco-friendly site will generate a “net biodiversity gain” and create a green network of amenities and parklands that will include areas of environmental improvement and wildlife habitat creation along the Thames that will benefit both resort guests and local residents.

First look at new 'British Disneyland' as plans come to life 3

London Resort’s application also includes independent research that predicts developments will generate gross economic activity (GVA) of £ 50 billion over the first 25 years.

More than 6,000 construction jobs and 48,000 direct, indirect and induced jobs are also expected to be created by 2038, including more than 17,000 resort employees.

By the same year the park is expected to generate additional tax revenue of up to £ 200 million.

First look at new 'British Disneyland' as plans come to life 4

Developers point to the economic success of Disneyland Paris, which contributed £ 68 billion to the French economy in its first 25 years, as an indicator of future benefits for Britain.

Seine-et-Marne, the region it is in, made £ 22.4 billion from the park, while Disneyland Paris also made £ 13.7 billion in purchases, most of which were made in France.

“I joined this project eighteen months ago and it has been uninterrupted ever since,” said General Manager PY Gerbeau.

“We’ve revitalized, revised, and reprogrammed the entire company. This will be so much more than just a theme park.

“We have built excellent relationships with many stakeholders and work closely with the local elected Council Presidents. This has been an incredibly challenging journey and we look forward to working with the UK government over the next 12 months.”

First look at new 'British Disneyland' as plans come to life 5

The government now has 28 days to consult local authorities and evaluate the development proposal before accepting or rejecting it.

Kent County Council previously said it broadly supports the proposal.

However, there was some resistance to the plans. Wildlife group Buglife has campaigned against the London Resort, stating that the Kent Marshes are home to thousands of species, some of which are “conservation concerns”.


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