First look: Official trailer for Fresh Prince of Bel-Air drama reboot – produced by Will Smith

Two years ago an avid fan of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air had the idea of ​​an intrepid drama adaptation of the sitcom series of the 90s and even went so far as to create a mock trailer of his own accord.

It wasn’t long before aspiring filmmaker Morgan Cooper caught the attention of Will Smith. Now the official trailer of the brand new modern NBC series, which Smith has produced in collaboration with Cooper and is causing a stir around the world, has finally appeared.

The plot of a troubled teen moving away from his West Philadelphia home to stay with wealthy relatives The Banks remains completely intact, but the show’s comedic tone has been turned on its head.

In the 1990 original, the main character of Will “got into a little fight” before being transported to the affluent neighborhood of Los Angeles while the new Bel-Air series, which will air on Peacock in February, will examine events in more detail lead his move. Instead, the trailer shows Will, played by newcomer Jabari Banks, firing a gun at a basketball court, being thrown into a metal fence, and spending time in jail.

At the villa he is greeted by a sophisticated and polite version of the butler Geoffrey, played by British actor Jimmy Akingbola, whom he asks, “Do you know the reason I’m here?”. Geoffrey replies, “Crap on the ball court, it got bad, and now a bad man from Philly wants to deal with you.”

The title characters of Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv (originally played by James Avery and Janet Hubert) return with a fresh new look as Adrian Holmes and Cassandra Freeman.

Olly Sholotan as Carlton Banks and Jabari Banks as Will Smith

Similarly, Will’s cousins ​​and true Beverley Hills kings Hillary and Ashley are back in the form of Coco Jones and Akira Akbar, while Carlton, portrayed as a clumsy and awkward high school student in the original Alfonso Ribeiro sitcom, is back as something of a status symbol, played by Olly Sholotan. Speaking of his latest production project, the recently awarded Golden Globe actor Smith said on YouTube, “Three years ago my husband Morgan Cooper uploaded his fan trailer to YouTube showing how he imagined the Fresh Prince as a drama.

Producer Will Smith alongside the rest of the original cast from

“Well, here is the first full look at his retelling of the story that has always been close to my heart. Bel-Air begins with three episodes airing on NBC’s streaming service Peacock on February 13th before moving onto a weekly schedule.

The series is believed to be available in the UK due to Peacock’s recent agreement with Sky and NOW TV.


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