First 'vaccine passport' launched in UK with app that proves your jab

The independent health management app myGP has launched the first in the UK Vaccine certification technology for iOS users – with Android in the coming weeks.

The myGP TICKet feature, accessible through the myGP app, indicates whether a patient is adequately protected against COVID-19 by displaying a single green tick around a user photo 12 days after the second vaccine dose.

This function serves as a clinically safe means of verifying the vaccination status, is displayed in real time and generated directly from a patient’s medical record.

It was piloted by Barchester Healthcare and Lilian Faithful nursing homes in March and will be available on all platforms starting today.

The myGP app was developed by iPLATO Healthcare from Hammersmith. MyGP is currently available to patients in 97 percent of UK GP practices and has worked with the NHS as an insured supplier. This means that the app is already an NHS approved access point for more than two million patients in England.

Enabling patients to have direct and secure access to their medical records. The app also allows for repeat prescriptions to be requested, for general practitioner appointments to be booked and for health monitoring, as well as access to other supplementary health services. In the past two months alone, more than 200,000 people in England have accessed their medical records through the app.

Hillary Cannon, director of myGP TICKet Innovation, said, “In 2019 we became an NHS insured digital health provider and have been giving our users access to their own medical records for years.

“Recognizing the likelihood that a user will need or want to prove their vaccination status, we designed this feature to only isolate vaccination information and keep the rest of the information in the medical record confidential.

“All access is controlled by the patient and nothing is stored or displayed without the express consent of a user.

“We all know lockdowns and social distancing have brought live events, restaurants and the hospitality sector – all of our favorite industries – to their knees.

“It has been a passion project of mine to reopen these stores as soon as possible, or to get as close as possible to them. The beauty of this technology is that it is universal and available to anyone who is registered in a GP practice England.”

Although the government’s guidelines on COVID status certification are still unclear, it is believed that a combination of negative test results and evidence of vaccination will form the basis of the government’s recommendations.

iPLATO Healthcare has signed an agreement with V-Health Passport with the intention of developing the myGP TICKet into a joint solution that includes proof of vaccination status, COVID test results, antibody test results and proof of vaccine exemption.

The current events research program run by the government is testing and monitoring a number of factors in a series of live events ahead of the anticipated reopening of the live events scheduled for June 21st. including proof of vaccination and / or negative test results.

myGP is in conversation with Harlequins Rugby interested in testing the combined myGP TICKet / V-Health solution in the hope of bringing live rugby back to full capacity games as soon as possible.

Laurie Dalrymple, CEO of The Harlequins, said, “The current social distancing rules mean that most professional sports clubs and venues will struggle to reach up to 50% capacity, which in reality is not a financially viable business model. We are therefore very keen to look into all kinds of innovative solutions that could help safely support the return of larger numbers of fans to the stadiums.

“The myGP app seems like an interesting technological solution and we are keen to work together to bring this new tool to the attention of our supporters in the future. This would be completely optional for our supporters – those who download the app and want to see their vaccination status upon entry, for example, can do so to test the technology in a live setting. Any supporter present who would rather not do this is not obliged to do so. “

NHS patients can learn more about the myGP TICKet functional technology here: Entrepreneurs who are interested in using the new function in order to be at full capacity again can send an email to [email protected]


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