Fisherman falls as giant 11ft alligator emerges and chases him through woodland

One man got the shock of his life when he was suddenly faced with an 11 foot alligator while fishing all day.

A video captured on a Go Pro captures the man’s horror as he throws his leash into the lake and finds the reptile swimming towards him.

In breathtaking shots, the fisherman named Tommy runs away after the giant creature slides silently through the water and appears on the bank.

But then disaster strikes when he trips and falls with the alligator hot on his tail.

In his panic, Tommy’s camera falls, but luckily he manages to get back on his feet.

The 22-year-old tells the alligator to get back into the water, but has to withdraw even further when the terrible creatures come up to him a second time.

Eventually the alligator retreats to the lake.

After it’s gone, Tommy suddenly doesn’t feel like fishing anymore.

“I’m out of here, fuck it,” he says.

Next to the footage, Tommy said, “Well, that put an end to my tarpon fishing … wow!

Alligator chases fishermen

“I was fishing tarpon at sunrise when a ten-foot Bull Gator was chasing and chasing me.

“The camera is a GoPro with a wide angle. The Gator seemed much bigger and closer in person. It came within 10 feet of me.

I ran backwards and fell as he chased me. Then I confronted him and he chased me again before retreating into the water. Then I retired to my truck. “

The incident occurred in the Florida Everglades, which is currently where alligator mating season is.

Alligator chases fishermen

Experts in Gatorland have warned the public to be vigilant, especially right now.

They emphasize that alligators can live in any body of water in the state of Florida.

They are looking for companions and nesting places. Alligators in the state can invade pools, trenches, and other unsuspecting bodies of water. So check this out carefully everywhere before entering yourself.

The experts also warn people against getting close to the reptiles as they can be incredibly territorial.

They even advise that the public should be extra careful about alligators in shallow water. The ripple can be potential prey in distress.


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