Fisherman horrified as he discovers 'alien' creature on boat during fishing trip

Bobby Sprovieri, 39, was fishing in Enderby, British Columbia, Canada when he came across the creepy-looking creature

One fisherman was horrified to find a “partially alien” creature watching him on his boat during a fishing trip.

Bobby Sprovieri, 39, said he was scared at first as he had never seen a similar animal before.

He met the creepy-looking creature, which was four inches long, while fishing in Enderby, British Columbia, Canada Day star reported.

The animal appeared to have a hard shell and several legs, including two longer limbs in front.

The fisherman soon began filming what he described as “part crab, part turtle, part June beetle and part alien”.

He said, “The first time I saw it, I was really blown away.

Bobby Sproviery was horrified to see the creature on his boat


Photo credit: Pen News / Bobby Sprovieri)

“I had no idea what it was, my guess was some kind of June beetle or water beetle.

“I have never experienced something like that.”

When he went home he posted some pictures online and some people who regularly participate in water activities explained to him that the creature was a giant water beetle known as a toe-biter.

The giant water bug has one of the most painful stings in the insect world


Photo credit: Pen News / Bobby Sprovieri)

Bobby said, “I’ve gotten a lot of scary responses from people who swim and participate in sea activities, and some people knew exactly what it was: a giant water beetle, also known as a toe biter.

“So of course I looked for it on the internet. Then I got a little nervous, who stared at me that night. “

The creature watched the fisherman on his boat


Photo credit: Pen News / Bobby Sprovieri)

The giant water bugs can cause painful bites, which has led to them being called “toe-bites”.

Their bite is considered to be one of the most painful that can be inflicted on any insect Science straight.

They are also known as “electric light bugs” because they are attracted to electric light.

Toe-biters can grow to be more than five inches long and are usually found in freshwater ponds, swamps, and slow-flowing streams.

It comes after an incredibly large shark stunned a cruise ship full of tourists who heard screams and screams as they circled the ship, causing megalodon fears.

Musician Alex Albrecht captured the sight and uploaded it to his TikTok channel.

The shark slowly swims in a circle near the surface of the water as tourists rush to the side of the boat and yell to take a closer look.


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