Five days of snow and twelve degrees below zero: What the Met Office says about forecasts for wintry weather within days

Snow and temperatures of twelve degrees below zero are on the way, according to some reports.

The Express reports as netweather charts predict -8 ° C in central Scotland, -8 ° C in the northeast and -1 ° C in the south in the early hours of Monday 29 November.

The cooler climate will continue into the first week of December, when the full force of winter can be felt, so the forecast.

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The minimum temperature maps show that Wales, the Midlands and southern areas of England are turning pale blue as sub-zero temperatures replace the milder weather we have been enjoying lately.

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The Met Office has predicted it will get colder on Sunday and then the following week, Monday 22nd UK during that time.

And it says “snow is likely” over higher ground in the north, which may sometimes fall to low levels due to the high pressure, but that there is a “slight” chance of snow in the south as well

His prognosis is: “During this period the high pressure will often be near the western or south-western parts of the UK.

“This will lead to an above-average cold north or north-west airflow for a while. The most volatile conditions are likely to be found in northern areas, intermittently low values. Strong winds are possible in the north, especially on the coasts.

“Further south, it will likely stay a little drier with fewer showers, but there is even a slim chance of wintry weather here. In places where the wind subsides, clearer and calmer conditions result in some cold nights with frost and fog.”

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