Five fined for Covid breach barbecue on snowy moors

Five adults were fined £ 200 for breaking Covid regulations by grilling in snow-covered bogs.

According to Durham Police, eight children, including a seven-month-old baby, belonged to the group of three households that drove more than 20 miles from Gateshead to Waskerley above Consett.

Officers were called in around 4 p.m. Thursday to find the group in subzero temperatures and the remains of Storm Christoph were still causing gusts of 60 km / h.

Initially, the adults said they had done nothing wrong but accepted that if they crashed while traveling in poor conditions, they would run the risk of spreading Covid-19 and putting themselves and emergency services at risk.

The five adults were fined £ 200 for violating Covid-19 regulations and were sent home with their children.

Superintendent Ritchie Allen of Durham Constabulary said: “The vast majority of the people in our communities obey the rules and we want to thank them for thinking of others and doing their part to keep all safe.

“However, some people bend the rules and put others at risk.

“Although we know that home counseling can be a challenge for many people, it is not acceptable to travel to a barbecue with other households.

“Those present not only risked their own lives, but also that of others and could put additional pressure on an already ailing NHS.

“We’d rather the public obey the rules than have to resort to firm criminal charges. However, if we are asked to commit an apparent violation, we will try to fines everyone involved.”


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