Five killed in nightclub shooting with seven injured as terrified revellers flee

The tragedy occurred in Panama City, Panama, authorities have confirmed, investigating a homicide investigation after four people were killed

Night club shootout: 15 injured and 4 dead as frightened night owls flee

Five people have died in a nightclub shooting, and seven were injured as frightened night owls rushed to safety.

The tragedy occurred in Panama City, Panama, the authorities have confirmed.

A video from inside the club shows a performer on stage as gunshots ring out and people are seen crouching and running to the exits.

Police are investigating the shooting that took place in the Santa Ana neighborhood.

The government posted on Twitter: “The Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office for Murder and Femicide has opened an investigation into murder and attempted murder following events at a nightclub in Santa Ana and in the Guna Nega sector.”

Radio Panama reported after the shooting: “Preliminary reports indicate that there are several dead and injured.”

A murder probe was opened after the shooting


@ Traffic Panama / Twitter)

Four people were killed and seven injured, authorities confirmed


@ Traffic Panama / Twitter)

Espacio Panama restaurant was packed with customers enjoying a night of rumba when the shooting occurred. Nocotia’s VIP reports.

Police told Telemetro Reporta that the shooting “resulted from an inter-gang war”.

Two people were then arrested, the news agency reported.

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