Five-month-old baby killed by van after mum forgets to put pram's brakes on

Five-month-old baby killed by van after mum forgets to put pram's brakes on

A five-month-old baby was hit by a van in a tragedy in New Zealand and killed.

The driver of the van told of his shock after a stroller suddenly rolled into the path of his vehicle “out of nowhere”.

Sudhir Saksena told this New Zealand Herald The baby’s mother cried in shock when she said she forgot to brake her baby’s stroller.

Witnesses to the horrific scene described the mother panicking and crying when she realized what had happened.

The driver said he could not shake the horrific image out of his head as he relived the “nightmare” tragedy.

Mr Saksena, he was driving up a slope at around 20 to 30 km / h on Monday at around 9 a.m. on the north coast of Auckland on the North Island of New Zealand when suddenly a baby carriage flew downhill directly in front of him.

He said, “I didn’t see it coming … I put the brakes on, but it was too late.”

He stopped and went to check on the baby but didn’t see anyone there at first until the mother rushed to ask what had happened.

The mother was shocked and cried when she told Mr. Saksena that she forgot to brake the stroller, he claimed.

He said he could not believe what had happened, that he had not been able to sleep or drive since the tragedy and that he felt sorry for his mother.

An employee at a nearby kindergarten rushed out and started resuscitating the child, Saksena said.

But the child later died in the hospital.

Another witness told the newsman that the baby’s basket in the stroller was freed upon impact and was thrown about 50 feet.

Shocked Witness Kevin Walker said he saw the stroller quickly move downhill between a gap in cars before turning “like a dream” into the hill on the van path.

He said the van that hit the van wasn’t going fast and described what he considered an “absolute freak accident”.

He said to the Herald: “I saw the mother running, she was in a panic, it was everyone.”

Another witness to the accident said the impact was so severe that the stroller had to be pulled out of the struck van and left a dent in the vehicle.

The baby was flown to hospital with serious injuries after the crash, but died on Monday afternoon, New Zealand police confirmed.

A New Zealand police statement said: “Just before 9:00 am, the police were informed of an incident in which a baby in a stroller was hit by a vehicle on Lake Road in Northcote.

“The young child, who was 5 months old, was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

“Unfortunately the baby died in the hospital.

“The police are investigating the circumstances of this tragic incident and the Serious Crash Unit is investigating the scene.

“The death will be referred to the coroner and the police will ensure that those involved receive welfare.”



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