Flagship Killer OnePlus Nord’s DXOMARK Score Revealed

OnePlus Nord, which shook the smartphone world during its release, was tested by DXOMARK for camera performance. The phone reached 108 overall points as a result of tests conducted at DXOMARK.

OnePlus recognized its new flagship killer smartphone Nord, about 4 months ago. The company’s new phone was hosting 6 cameras in total. OnePlus Nord was launched at an extremely affordable price despite its Snapdragon 765G and support of up to 12 GB of RAM. The phone entered our country weeks later.

A detail that will lend a helping hand to those who are unsure about purchasing OnePlus Nord, was announced today. DXOMARK, the platform that tests and scores the cameras of smartphones, finally took OnePlus Nord into its hands. OnePlus Nord has done a pretty good job overall.

Got 108 points from DXOMARK:

The flagship killer phone tested by DXOMARK managed to score 108 points in the overall camera rating. This puts OnePlus Nord somewhere between the Huawei P20 Pro and the iPhone XS Max. DXOMARK also talked about the strengths and weaknesses of the smartphone camera.

According to the post shared by the platform, the photos taken by OnePlus Nord had good exposure, color, auto focus and texture. However, although the phone preserved the details both indoors and outdoors, it did not affect DXOMARK with its white balance, bokeh and low light performance.

The bokeh effect on the smartphone wasn’t very natural. Besides, the portrait mode did not do a very good job as it uses the entire field of view of the main lens on the smartphone. This made portraits distorted. In addition, OnePlus Nord showed unnatural skin color in night shots.

OnePlus Nord features:

Display: 6.44 inch Full HD + 90 Hz AMOLED
Processor: Snapdragon 765G
Storage: 128 GB
Rear Camera: 48 MP + 8 MP + 5 MP + 2 MP
Front Camera: 32 MP + 8 MP
Battery: 4.115 mAh
Operating System: Android 10

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