Flash Player has its execution blocked from today

After releasing the latest Flash Player update last December, Adobe announced to users that the application will stop running on Tuesday (12). The final barrier was an event scheduled in the calendar of the American multinational for the software discontinuation.

The retirement of Adobe marks the end of 24 years of Flash Player, a utility that has been present in almost all Internet activities converting simple text into vectors and images to create animations, drawings, images and even streaming audio and video on the Internet.

The “death” of the Flash Player had been announced on the Adobe website since mid-2017, which claimed that the application’s termination was caused by the evolution and maturation of open standards, such as HTML5, WebGl, and WebAssembly, which ” of the features and functionality that plug-ins pioneered, “becoming more viable alternatives.

How do I proceed with the installed Flash Player?

In an interview with Tecnoblog in December, Adobe stated that there will be no official alternative to the software, that is, “there will be no alternative versions of Flash Player to download from third-party sites,” and advised users to immediately download Flash. remove. your machines.

Company representatives also explained that major browsers continue to disable Flash Player operation “after the EOL date” (English initials end of life).

However, the ‘end of life’ of the app does not mean the end of the content created specifically for the platform. In November last year, the Internet Archive, an organization engaged in the preservation of multimedia information files, announced that it would store animations and games in Flash.

This curatorship aims to preserve snapshots of Flash Player pages, which have been removed by Adobe and Apple, and ensures that the existing content can be played in browsers with WebAssembly, without having to install the nostalgic plug-in.

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