Flight attendant 'used dead boy's identity to get married and work in US for 23 years'

Ricardo Cesar Guedes, 49, reportedly confessed to having built a life for himself in the United States, including getting married, taking out loans and owning a house in Lake Houston – all under the name of a four-year-old boy from Atlanta who died in 1979

Ricardo Cesar Guedes is awaiting trial for allegedly building an American life for himself with the identity of a four-year-old boy who was killed in a car accident in 1979 (

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A man is accused of using the identity of a boy who died in a car accident 42 years ago to make a living in the United States – an airline employed by an airline for two decades.

Ricardo Cesar Guedes, 49, a Brazilian citizen, is charged with providing false information on a passport application and posing as a US citizen.

He is alleged to have used the details of William Ericson Ladd, an Atlanta boy who died at the age of four, to gain access to secure areas at countless airports across the United States.

According to a criminal complaint filed in a Texas court, Ladd was killed in a car accident in Washington state in 1979, just a month before his 5th birthday.

Guedes is said to have entered the United States on a tourist visa from his native Brazil in the mid-1990s, but exceeded his stay.

United Airlines announced that Guedes is no longer working for them


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The 49-year-old, who now lives in Lake Houston, Texas, applied for a passport in 1998 in the name of the youngster den Houston Chronicle reported.

The publication claims the details of the bizarre case were admitted by the seasoned flight attendant when federal agents cornered him for interrogation at George Bush International Airport.

He allegedly confessed to owning a house in Lake Houston, married, bought a BMW, and borrowed on behalf of the child.

Over the decades, he became a seasoned flight attendant, working on 40 flights for United Airlines by 2020.

After the scandal became known, United announced that the 49-year-old had been fired.

Ladd’s mother, Debra Lynn Hays, shared her son’s birth and death dates with DSS special agents.

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