Flight attendants strip off in public to protest poor working conditions

Flight attendants took off their clothes in one of Rome’s busiest squares to protest working conditions after an airline takeover, but their boss compared them to drivers looking in the rearview mirror

A flash mob of stewardesses stripped to protest against working conditions (

Image: Alamy Live News.)

Flight attendants undressed publicly to protest poor working conditions and low wages.

In central Rome, flight attendants from the former Alitalia company, which now works for ITA Airways, protested when they were made worse off by the takeover of their former company.

At the Campidoglio, a square redesigned by Michelangelo, 50 former flight attendants appeared in their Alitalia uniforms, then took off their clothes and chanted “We are Alitalia”.

Their protests centered on the takeover of Alitalia by ITA Airways.

A number of flight attendants lost their jobs and they protested in their underwear against the new jobs being given to those who were retained.

Stewardesses protested against working conditions in one of the busiest squares in Rome


Alamy Live News.)

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Unions said those who stayed were paid less.

An ITA Airways flight attendant said CNN that they not only had to accept a cut in their wages, they had also lost their seniority and were treated worse at work.

They lost warning of where and when to work, they said.

ITA President Alfredo Altavilla previously described threats of strikes as “a matter of national shame”.

He claims the airline’s staff agreed to the current working conditions and compared their complaints to a driver looking in the rearview mirror.

Altavilla told Il Fatto Quotidiano earlier this month: “The negotiations on contracts are more than complete. They are all on board and have signed the contract that we sent them. “

Of Alitalia’s 10,500 employees, only 2,800 were employed by ITA, and the new airline has kept 52 of Alitalia’s 110 aircraft, according to Reuters.

However, very little has changed for the passengers currently traveling, even new uniforms have not yet hit the market.

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