142+ Flying Captions for Instagram

If you’re a passionate Instagram user, you’ll love flying captions. A flying caption is a visual addition to your Instagram story that lets you share a quick and interesting fact about your trip while you’re in the air. Whether you’re a travelling photographer or just love learning new things, flying captions are a great way to share your experiences with the world. In this post, we’ll show you how to create a flying caption for Instagram story in minutes!


Flying Captions for Instagram

Flying Captions for Instagram

Do you love taking photos but hate having to write lengthy captions for every one? Well, forget about it! With Instagram, you can easily add flying captions for Instagram to your photos in just a few simple steps. This way, you can share your amazing shots with the world without having to spend hours editing and writing captions. Here’s how to do it!

  1. Life without dreams is like a bird with a broken wing – it can’t fly.
  2. Pilots are drawn to flying because it’s a perfect combination of science, romance and adventure.
  3. Love a first flight.
  4. I’m not afraid of flying, I’m afraid of not flying.
  5. That’s the thing about flying: You could talk to someone for hours and never even know his name, share your deepest secrets and then never see them again.
  6. A mile of road will take you a mile. A mile of runway will take you anywhere.
  7. There is no more exciting sport than flying, for if you lose, you die.
  8. In flying I have learned that carelessness and overconfidence are usually far more dangerous than deliberately accepted risks.
  9. Take flight. You are meant to soar.
  10. And so my adventure begins.
  11. Chasing clouds.
  12. We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.
  13. Up, up, and away.
  14. There are no signposts in the sky to show a man has passed that way before. There are no channels marked. The flier breaks each second into new uncharted seas.
  15. The good thing about flying solo is it’s never boring.
  16. All you need is love…and a passport.
  17. Life’s goal: travel the world.
  18. Fly and you will catch the swallow.
  19. I’m not afraid of flying. I’m afraid of not flying.
  20. A mile of highway will take you just one mile, but a mile of runway can take you anywhere.
  21. Spread your little wings and fly away. — Queen, Spread Your Wings
  22. Do not disturb.

Flying Captions

Flying Captions

Do you ever feel like you’re missing out on a key part of the flight experience? Sometimes it can be hard to follow the conversation in the cabin, especially if you’re not a native speaker. That’s where flying captions come in handy. Captions provide a way for non-native speakers to follow the conversation in the air, making traveling easier and more fun. In this section, we’ll discuss the different types of flying captions and how they can benefit you.

  1. See the world.
  2. A plane ticket is the answer. Who cares what the question is.
  3. Up in the clouds on my way to unknown things.
  4. Let your dreams take flight.
  5. I’m on my way.
  6. Just because there are flaws in aircraft design that doesn’t mean flying carpets exist.
  7. I’m not afraid of flying, I’m afraid of not flying.
  8. Let the adventure begin.
  9. Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport.
  10. Love at first flight.
  11. We who fly do so for the love of flying. We are alive in the air with this miracle that lies in our hands and beneath our feet.
  12. A change of latitude would help my attitude.
  13. Some temptations cannot be fought. One must close one’s mind and fly from them.
  14. He who leaps for the sky may fall, it’s true, but he may also fly.
  15. Flying is safe so long as you remember that it is dangerous.
  16. Every wind is fare when we are flying from misfortune.
  17. The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.
  18. You don’t need wings to fly.
  19. Life is a journey, enjoy the flight.
  20. The only trip you’ll regret is the one you didn’t take.
  21. Worth every mile.
  22. Got my head in the clouds.
  23. Up in the clouds, on my way to unknown things.
  24. Good things come to those who book flights.
  25. What good are wings without the courage to fly.

Flight Captions

Flight Captions
  1. All really great flying adventures begin at dawn.
  2. Aeronautics was neither an industry nor a science. It was a miracle.
  3. You’ll never know until you go.
  4. I love you as high as airplanes fly.
  5. Let them fly. Let them be free. Let yourself fly. You’ll be free.
  6. I have wings on the back of my shoulders,and I’m ready to fly.
  7. Pack up, let’s fly away.
  8. Tell them that as soon as I can walk, I’m going to fly!
  9. Flying is within our grasp. We have naught to do but take it.
  10. Sorry, I’ve got my head in the clouds… literally.
  11. Escape the ordinary.
  12. You look so fly.
  13. Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly.
  14. Flying is more than a sport and more than a job; flying is pure passion and desire, which fill a lifetime.
  15. Spread your little wings and fly away. — Queen, Spread Your Wings.
  16. Do not disturb.
  17. The bird who dares to fall is the bird who learns to fly.
  18. Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back, and reasons to stay.
  19. The next selfie I take will be in paradise.
  20. Flying without feathers is not easy; my wings have no feathers.

Pilot Captions for Instagram

  1. If this isn’t #goals, I don’t know what is!
  2. I was made to soar.
  3. I believe in magic, and magic is what I do!
  4. Life is a roller coaster. Ride it.
  5. Up in the clouds is my favourite place to be.
  6. If you’re not living your dream, what are you even doing?
  7. Let’s fly away.
  8. Hold hands, share a glass of Malbec, and enjoy long flights together with.
  9. I’ve got my head in the clouds…. literally.
  10. Life is a moment in flight.
  11. Prepare for takeoff.
  12. Find joy in the journey.
  13. The closer you get to the ground, the more you appreciate so many things—including the view ‼️
  14. Summer is over but travel plans are just beginning.
  15. Going places!
  16. Work. Retire. Travel
  17. From coast to coast, the future of flight is going higher and higher.
  18. Taking to the skies once again!
  19. Happiness is getting the window seat.
  20. Reaching new heights!
  21. It’s not just the destination that matters. It’s the journey.
  22. Things can only go up from here.
  23. Let us show you. We’re here to make sure you get where you need to be—on time, in style.
  24. Think bigger. Live bigger. Fly bigger.
  25. I’m one with the sky!
  26. Flying is my passion!
  27. Chasing clouds.
  28. Keen to fly to new places every season.
  29. The view never gets old.
  30. The open sky is my office!

Funny Pilot Captions

  1. Sometimes, flying feels too godlike to be attained by man. Sometimes, the world from above seems too beautiful, too wonderful, too distant for human eyes to see . . .
  2. Let all your dreams take flight.
  3. Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly.
  4. It’s only when you’re flying above it that you realize how incredible the earth really is.
  5. I do believe it’s time for another adventure.
  6. The good thing about flying solo is it’s never boring.
  7. Excuse me, while I kiss the sky.
  8. Flying may not be all plain sailing, but the fun of it is worth the price.
  9. Prepare for takeoff.
  10. Above the clouds, the sky is always blue.
  11. You haven’t seen a tree until you’ve seen its shadow from the sky.
  12. Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.
  13. Living my best life one plane ticket at a time.
  14. Don’t let the fear of falling keep you from flying.
  15. Just take the flight.
  16. Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.

Pilot Captions

  1. My favourite argument is who will get the window seat.
  2. Such a small window, and such a big world.
  3. There’s nothing more awesome than seeing the sun set over the horizon while cruising.
  4. Wondering what the view from your window seat will be when you board your next flight?
  5. Just another day at the office!
  6. There is no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this.
  7. I was born to fly!
  8. Work. Save. Travel. Repeat.
  9. Take me away.
  10. The next selfie I take will be in paradise.
  11. Into the wild blue yonder!
  12. There is no reason to fear flying. You just have to keep on flying until you no longer fear it.
  13. Always looking up.
  14. Just your average day working as a pilot!
  15. Living the dream as a pilot!
  16. There’s just nothing like seeing the world from thousands of feet up in the air.
  17. Of all the travel companions that I have had, the window seat has always been my favourite.
  18. Up, Up and Away!
  19. May your heart soar high!
  20. Hey vacay.
  21. Escape the ordinary.
  22. My favourite way of seeing the world.
  23. Let your dreams be your wings.
  24. Every day is a new adventure when you’re a pilot!
  25. Wherever you’re headed, the journey begins right here.
  26. I’m living my best life as a pilot!
  27. The best gift I gave myself!
  28. I love my job!
  29. One of the best views in the world!
  30. I’m the luckiest pilot in the world!

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