'For Christ’s sake, watch yourself': Biden warns family over business dealings

The money-making of the relatives, especially the foreign business of his son Hunter, followed Biden for a long time. But now that he’s in the White House, it’s taking on a new dimension.

Within a week of his presidency, Biden was held accountable for family-related matters. ON Law firm promoting Frank Biden’s relationship with the President caused a stir when it ran on inauguration day. A federal investigation into Biden’s son Hunter has called for a review of how strictly a firewall he will keep between the White House and the Justice Department. And another who Brothers of the President, James, has previously come under fire for its business.

Florida super attorney and Democratic donor John Morgan said business sensitivities flooded Bidenworld this week following the report on Frank Biden’s law firm.

“What Frank told me is,” My brother loves me very much, but if I lobbyed he would cut my legs off from under me, “said Morgan, Frank Biden told him this week.

The Intent of Joe Biden’s initial According to the person with knowledge of the discussion, the conversation was intended to protect Frank from “hurt and defamation” in the event his big brother “Joey” was elected to the most powerful position in the world.

“Frank made it clear to me what the president made him realize: On the day of his election, the long knives came out for everything Biden has to offer,” said Morgan. “Everyone has a goal.”

One person interested in working with Frank Biden was Morgan himself, a fellow Floridian who is close to the younger Biden.

“Great guy,” said Morgan of Frank Biden. “I let my jet take him to the initiation.”

Morgan said he started talking to Frank Biden about business opportunities last year, but nothing has come together. “We’re talking about him doing some things in the law firm,” said Morgan, referring to his Morgan & Morgan law firm, which calls itself “America’s largest injury law firm.”

Any partnership would have “100 percent legal focus” and would not involve lobbying, Morgan added.

There is no evidence of misconduct related to their discussions or violations of ethical rules. Frank Biden is a private citizen. Morgan doesn’t stand up for the federal government.

Frank Biden is not a lawyer but works as a senior advisor at another Florida-based law firm, the Berman Law Group. Morgan is a prominent Democratic donor who donated $ 355,000 to the Biden Victory Fund in August.

Frank Biden’s business partner, Joe Abruzzo, was also involved in a preliminary discussion of the potential deal with Morgan and Frank Biden, but withdrew after being elected Palm Beach County’s clerk and auditor.

“As a businessman, Frank has been inundated with offers and opportunities for years,” said Abruzzo, who is also one of Frank’s closest friends. “He usually focuses on what excites him: education and social justice.”

He added, “John and Frank are good friends and it is not surprising to those who know them that they have had conversations.”

A source aware of the talks said Thursday, “It is extremely unlikely that there will be a business deal between Frank Biden and John Morgan.”

Discussions about Biden’s family relationships reignited after a campaign in which former President Donald Trump hunter Biden relentlessly pounded for his previous deals in China and Ukraine. Biden, then the Democratic front runner, was asked in 2019 about his family’s business relationships on the campaign. vowed He would build an “absolute wall” between the White House and its relatives. He also promised that if he was elected, no one in his family would serve on foreign bodies. In December, Hunter Biden confirmed an existing federal investigation of his taxes.

Though nothing was there, the discussions between Morgan and Frank Biden got around Biden’s orbit after he won the presidential election. One person at Bidenworld took calls from senior Biden campaign officials, Florida lobbyists, and Washington insiders who had all got wind of the talks. Most expressed shock that Frank Biden was so quickly embroiled in business opportunities talks given the turmoil his professional relationships caused during his brother’s presidential campaign, the person said.

Frank Biden has a long history in Florida, including with charter schools, and has advised others that he has no plans to start new work in Washington, DC. He remains with Berman Law Group and is involved in the law firm’s work against sugar companies that burn sugar cane as part of their business practice.

Frank’s work on the case hit the headlines this week after CNBC reported in an ad that the law firm announced its relationship with his brother, the new president.

“My brother is a role model for how to do this job,” says Frank Biden in an ad that was published in the Daily Business Review, according to CNBC report. “One of its central tenets is that you should never question or blame another man or woman’s motives. That way you avoid an inequality that prevents you from coming together. You can, of course, pass judgment on one Question others, and that is exactly what we do by bringing this to justice. “

When asked about the ad on Thursday, a White House official said, “It is this White House’s policy that the president’s name should not be used in connection with any commercial activity, to suggest its endorsement, or in any way that could reasonably be understood could be or support. “

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