Foreign holidays latest – visitor rules from favourite summer hotpots

Many European destinations popular with UK vacationers have announced plans to reopen their borders this summer.

Some experts claim that foreign holidays could be at risk due to increasing infections, but most nations hope that some tourism will be allowed.

The government’s Global Travel Taskforce is expected to report to Prime Minister Boris Johnson on April 12 with recommendations for resuming international travel. May 17th is the earliest possible resumption of non-essential international travel. However, this could change.

Some destinations also require a negative Covid test or visitors in order to have the planned Covid passport.

This is the newest situation in Europe.



Greece aims to reopen its borders to foreign tourists from May 14th.

Visitors must be vaccinated, have had a recent negative Covid-19 test, or have coronavirus antibodies.


The country has announced that it will reopen its borders “as soon as possible” but has not confirmed how or when British vacationers will be greeted.

The use of vaccination cards from May is being considered. The Balearic Islands have already started to take in tourists from Germany.


The country is expected to be open to UK visitors from May 17th. This is the earliest time people in England are allowed to travel abroad in their free time.

It is likely that vacationers will be able to participate without restrictions if they can show they have been vaccinated, have coronavirus antibodies, or have recently received a negative test.

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France allows British visitors to enter if a negative PCR test is performed 72 hours before departure.

However, they currently have to self-isolate for seven days upon arrival before they can take another test.

No date has been confirmed for measures to be relaxed.


UK nationals who have received both doses of a coronavirus vaccine will be welcomed from May 1 with no testing or self-isolation required.


All arrivals from the UK for non-essential visits are banned until at least April 6th due to concerns about the UK variant of the coronavirus.

Travelers are also required to have proof of a negative molecular or antigen smear test taken in the 72 hours prior to entering the country and have another test done within the first 48 hours in the country.


Turkey expects to welcome British vacationers this summer, even if they haven’t been vaccinated or recently tested.

It will review its plan for the summer after April 15th. It has already announced that UK visitors will be welcomed without restrictions.


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