Forgiving business owner offers job to burglar he caught breaking in

A forgiving business owner offered a job to a burglar he caught breaking into his restaurant.

Carl Wallace was awakened just after 4 a.m. on Easter Saturday – also Mr. Wallace’s 45th birthday – by a hooded man who made his way into his shop, Diablos Southwest Grill in Augusta, Georgia.

CCTV footage recorded in the diner shows a man in a hooded tracksuit smashing the restaurant window with a brick before forcibly removing and shaking the cash register to find that there is nothing in it.

“He was back on the doorstep in 45 seconds … no money was taken,” said Wallace.

While his initial reaction was “anger and frustration”, Mr. Wallace found it in his heart to “take a different approach” in view of the Easter break.

“Really frustration and harm was the only thing that was done … we get woken up in the middle of the night, you have to run into the store, clean up the mess, and crawl to reopen the store by 11am.

“I realized that this guy really isn’t doing a good job as a robber – there must be other career paths for this guy.”

A man breaking into Diablo's Southwest Grill in Augusta

He shared the video on Facebook with his number asking the criminal to “drop by for an application”.

It has since sparked thousands of views and has also caught the attention of local business owners who said they too had CCTV footage of a man they believe is the same person breaking into their property.

Mr. Wallace is “extremely hopeful” that the man will keep in touch so he can help break the cycle of the intruder’s actions.

Undated handout photo of the damaged cash register

“That would be one of the greatest stories … you take someone who was on the wrong path, someone helps them,” said Mr. Wallace.

“Maybe this guy never got that opportunity. Maybe he’s always been down in life.”

Mr. Wallace added, “Your first reaction is anger and frustration. Then you think about the Easter weekend and consider what is a better answer?

“What would Jesus do? Would Jesus have someone locked up or would he offer forgiveness?

“We all as human beings need to have some level of forgiveness with one another and try to find a better way because there is so much hatred in this world … we don’t understand each other’s problems and challenges in life.”

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