Former Blues boss Karren Brady says Prince Harry has 'lost the plot'

Former blues boss Karren Brady has claimed Prince Harry “easily lost the plot” after his last interview criticizing his family.

The apprentice star said the royal had “actively promoted” press interest and loss of privacy while lamenting his lot and ruining his family.

Write in her newspaper column in the So on Sundayshe wrote, “Every time another message threatens to dwarf Harry and Meghan and allow them to slip into the shadows of anonymity they say they want so badly, one goes by them and puts a wrench in the works by doing another headline -Getting Interview. ”

It comes after Harry told actor Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast that he would break the cycle of pain with his own children.

He continued, “When it comes to parenting, if I have experienced any form of pain or suffering from the pain or suffering my father or parents may have endured, I will make sure that I break this cycle in a way that I can do not pass it on. “

During the controversial chat, Harry also compared his life to the movie The Truman Show.

Brady was the former managing director of Birmingham City FC and is now the current vice chairman of West Ham.

She wrote, “One big difference is that Truman’s life was imposed on him in front of the camera. He wasn’t actively looking for cameras and advertisements.”

In the long piece, Brady said she had some compassion for Harry and applauded him for refusing to show a stiff upper lip.

The mother of two said, “It’s so great that he’s found what appears to be true love. But sometimes it’s easy to wonder if Harry is so baffled on his path to personal growth that he’s taken up the plot.” easily lost the way. “”

Brady was awarded a significant partner in 2014.

During her maiden speech at the House of Lords, Baroness Brady spoke about her time in Birmingham City

She first took over at Blues in 1993 when she was only 23 years old.


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