Former Foreign Office deputy calls Boris Johnson an ’embarrassing buffoon’

Boris Johnson’s former foreign minister has claimed in a new book that the prime minister is an “embarrassing fool”.

Sir Alan Duncan, who was MP for Rutland and Melton from 1992 until the last election and served on the Conservative front bench for 18 years, also criticizes former Prime Ministers Theresa May and David Cameron in his memoir, In The Thick Of It.

The former politician’s diaries, published in the Daily Mail, cover his final four years in Parliament during Brexit and Mr Johnson’s rise to Downing Street.

In an entry on September 24, 2017, Sir Alan wrote that Mr. Johnson “despised” Ms. May and criticized the apparent infidelity of his boss at the time.

“He’s a clown, a self-centered ego, an embarrassing fool with a messy mind and diplomatic judgment below zero,” writes Sir Alan.

“It’s an international mark on our reputation,” he added to the now 56-year-old.

Ms. May’s previous lack of campaign personality and Mr. Cameron’s tendency to set appointments from a “tight” group of close associates is also highlighted by the former Minister for International Development.

Sir Alan, who came out in 2002 as the first openly gay Tory MP, cites Economy Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng’s criticism of Mr Johnson.

In an entry on March 29, 2017, Sir Alan wrote that he met Mr. Kwarteng at the New Palace Yard in Westminster.

“He says Boris doesn’t appreciate that diplomacy isn’t about having nice conversations with your friends. It’s about how you deal with those who are awkward,” writes Sir Alan.

After Mr Johnson resigned as Secretary of State in July 2018 because of Mrs May’s Checkers plan for Brexit, Sir Alan said the former London mayor needs advertising just like a drug addict needs cocaine.

Sir Alan told the viewer in September of that year that Mr. Johnson needs “regular correction” of the headlines and equates it with political power.


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