Former USC football player Quinton Powell hospitalized with COVID-19 symptoms

Former USC linebacker Quinton Powell has been hospitalized with symptoms of COVID-19 and begs others on social media to ‘stay in and stop playing’.

Powell, who underwent a test for the coronavirus, made his symptoms public on Saturday with an Instagram post. In the photo, Powell is lying on a hospital bed, wearing a mask and a dress, with medical equipment along the wall behind him.

“Scared yesterday, man,” Powell wrote in the post. “You all stay really isolated. … are all fun and play until you get a shot in the ahh in the hospital and Qtips stuck your nose until it hits your brain. This is not a message for sympathy, because I know who is really cares about me and my well-being, but this is a message, so everyone really stays in and stops playing. Everyone stays safe. Real talk. Peace, love and happiness. “

Powell isolated in a hotel room for several days before checking into a hospital in Iowa.

“I won’t stop, can’t stop,” Powell wrote in a later post. “So don’t worry, I have business to take care of my daughter, so trust me, Ima #FightOn.”

Powell last played for the Trojans in their wild Rose Bowl win over Penn State in 2017, when he was put into action in place of ejected starter Cameron Smith. Over a four-year career, Powell achieved 58 tackles and spent most of his time in special teams.

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