Fortnite Season 6 Chapter Two downtime '95 per cent confirmed'

Everyone is waiting for the next update from Fortnite and people are excited to see when it will be released.

The new update, which has been confirmed as Zero Crisis, is the definitive conclusion to the events of the fifth season.

According to Epic Games, you will play through completing Agent Jones’ mission in the Zero Crisis Finals. The consequences of this event are sure to shape reality as we know it.

And everyone has been wondering when the update will be released, and one leaker thinks they know exactly when the downtime will occur.

According to @MikeDulami on Twitter, the downtime was “95 percent confirmed”.

They said, “It’s 95% confirmed that Season 6 downtime begins at 11:00 PM PST / 2:00 PM EST.”

Many other Twitter users expressed how excited they were about the news.

One person said, “LET’S GO!” while another wrote: “Oh, this is early!”

And another said: “YES YES YES!”

That means it should be around 7am in the UK. This is great news for people hoping to have plenty of time in the new update.

Meanwhile, GranbeFN, a Fortnite content creator, has discovered that Epic Games “leaked” its own release date on its Instagram account prior to the official announcement.

A video posted on the fansite shows the release date as Tuesday March 16.


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