Four-day Bank Holiday: Full Platinum Jubilee plans for Queen's reign revealed

Buckingham Palace has released the full literary plans for the platinum anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II, 70 years on the throne.

Despite becoming the longest-ruling monarch in British history, her birth in 1927 received little interest from the general public as she was not expected to become head of state.

With her grandfather’s decision, her father was next in line, and her uncle Edward was first in line.

If her father had had a son, he would have taken her place third in line.

When Elizabeth’s grandfather died, Edward VII came second, but he later abdicated to marry Wallace Simpson, an American celebrity whom the royals disapproved of.

Elizabeth’s father became king and took the name George VI so the crown was hers when he died in 1952.

Since then she has presided over Great Britain and the Commonwealth, a rule of almost 70 years during which the monarchy was superseded by colonial rule.

In 2022, the Queen will celebrate her platinum anniversary with a series of ceremonies over four days in June.

It’s 10 years after her Diamond Jubilee, which was marked with a concert where Grace Jones performed ‘Slave to the Rhythm’ while hula hooping and Kylie Minogue was dressed as the Pearly Queen.

How is the Queen’s platinum anniversary celebrated?

The Queen’s platinum anniversary will be celebrated with 500 horses, 1,000 dancers and the world’s most famous musicians will perform in a floodlit show with Windsor Castle in the background.

To better align the celebrations with the Queen’s interests compared to 2012, she wants to “know exactly what’s going on,” said producer and director Simon Brooks-Ward.

One of the Queen’s passions is horses and that will be reflected in a Royal Windsor Horse Show that culminates in a 90-minute event on the castle grounds.

A big concert will also take place at Buckingham Palace, the Platinum Party.

The 2012 Diamond Jubilee had an official budget of over £ 10.5 million but was largely privately funded by donors. However, the actual cost of the celebrations was never officially announced, nor how much was billed to the public.

Full Platinum Anniversary Celebration Itinerary:

The platinum pudding competition

Fortnum & Mason is inviting UK residents ages 8 and up to apply to create the perfect platinum pudding recipe.

The winner will be determined by a jury of experts that includes Dame Mary Berry, Monica Galetti and Buckingham Palace Chef Mark Flanagan.

Thursday June 2nd

The Queen’s Birthday Parade (Trooping the Color) : Over 1,400 parading soldiers, 200 horses and 400 musicians will come together for the traditional parade for the Queen’s official birthday.

Platinum anniversary beacons: Over 1,500 beacons are lit in the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and UK overseas territories.

Friday June 3rd

Thanksgiving service: A thanksgiving service for the Queen’s reign is held at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Saturday 4th June

The derby at Epsom Downs: The Queen will be attending the Epsom Downs derby, accompanied by members of the Royal Family.

Platinum party in the palace: The BBC will host and broadcast a special live concert from Buckingham Palace that will bring together some of the world’s greatest entertainment stars.

Sunday 5th June

The big anniversary dinner: The event encourages communities to come together and share lunch, sometimes in the form of street parties.


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