Four massive announcements Boris Johnson is expected to make tomorrow

Boris Johnson is expected to make a number of big announcements that the British want to know about.

The Prime Minister will address the nation tomorrow (Monday 5 April) to discuss a number of plans the government is putting into action.

Two of them are believed to be vaccination cards and a plan for the summer vacation, as recreational flights are banned until May 17th.

Other social distancing and pub plans could also be announced.

Here are some announcements Boris Johnson is expected to make tomorrow:


summer holidays

The Prime Minister is expected to introduce a traffic light system to allow people to fly to specific destinations.

It is believed that the criteria for the countries will include coronavirus rates, vaccination rates, and any known variants of that country.

After the sun, under the traffic light plan:

GREEN: Anyone returning from these countries must do a pre-flight cross-flow test at their own expense and then do a “sequencing test” within days of landing to look for new strains.

AMBER: Like green, but those entering the UK will have to isolate themselves at home for ten days after arriving. You can get off after five days with a negative test that is paid privately.

RED: Arrivals must be isolated at an authorized hotel on their return at their own expense – as they are currently doing.

So far, the USA, the Gulf States and Israel have been classified as “green” thanks to their jab rollouts. Most of Europe is facing amber status.

Travel should be restored “not before” May 17th. However, concerns are growing in Whitehall that this is premature in the face of a third wave of viruses around the world.

Vaccination records

It is believed that the Prime Minister and Ministers will finalize plans to introduce vaccination records so that larger events can take place.

It was rumored that pubs and restaurants would be affected, but this appears to have reportedly been scrapped.

The passport system is expected to be tested in the UK and only those attending mass gatherings such as festivals or major sporting events are required to provide proof of a sting, test or natural immunity.

Boris Johnson said, “We are doing everything we can to enable our country to reopen so that people can return to the events, travel and other things they love as safely as possible, and these reviews will play an important role in making this happen to enable. ” happen. “

Social distancing

Social distancing rules could be reviewed, and reports suggest the prime minister might allow companies to relax them even further.

This could go hand in hand with the vaccination pass system, which companies can use to relax certain rules regarding social distancing.

More than 31 million Britons have received their first dose of vaccine, with nearly 5 million receiving both their first and second.

Daily Covid cases in the UK have fallen to their lowest level since mid-September – as the number of infection victims rose by 3,402 today.

Next level of lockdown

While the UK goes through the lockdown phase, Boris is expected to confirm whether the country can continue with its current plans.

The UK continues its vaccination program with more than 30 million vaccinated and the lowest coronavirus infections since September.

The next stage will open up pubs, restaurants and non-essential retail stores for the first time in months, and many people are hoping they can move on with their plans.

Outdoor venues like zoos, drive-in theaters, and other outdoor hospitality venues will hopefully be open to the public as well.

Campsites and public holidays can also be reopened, while weddings and civil partnerships can accommodate up to 15 people.


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