Four new features are coming for Microsoft Edge

Chromium-based internet browser Microsoft Edge keeps getting new features. Microsoft Edge, which came to the user in February with innovations such as sleep tabs, ready-to-use themes and password generator, will deviate from the innovations it will receive in March.

Unlike most internet browsers, Microsoft Edge is constantly testing various functions. Let’s take a look at the new features coming last month for Microsoft’s Edge browser, which announced that it has started testing the ‘Kid Mode’ feature to make the internet safer for kids.

The vertical tab feature announced by Microsoft a year ago is finally coming

By announcing the vertical tabs feature for the Edge browser last year, Microsoft will be bringing the feature to users in March. This feature allows you to take the top tabs aside. This new feature, which will be very useful especially for 16: 9 screens, has a structure that you can group together whenever you want.

Another feature that comes after the vertical tabs feature is the first support. Thanks to this feature, the speed of your browser will increase significantly. According to Windows manager Liat Ben-Zur, the launch support feature will increase browser opening speed from 29 percent to 41 percent. The boot support feature will be automatically enabled in all Microsoft Edge browsers this month.

If you use Bing as your search engine, you may like this new feature. Starting in March, the way the Bing search engine works in the Microsoft Edge browser will change. For example, you searched for a topic with a large search volume. Along with the search results, infographics will also visually show your data and knowledge.

Finally, the location of the “history” section of the Microsoft Edge browser will change. The history section, which you can access earlier from the “Settings” section, is easily opened from the toolbar. The new features expected to come to the browser this month seem to be grabbing users’ attention.

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