France And Germany Respond To The Meta Threat: “We Could Live Without Facebook”

meta: Exactly 24 hours ago we told you that meta threatened (again) to leave Europe: meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook, warned that it might have to withdraw many of its products and services, including Facebook and Instagram, from the European market if the The company can no longer transfer the data of European users to the United States, following the Schrems II decision.

In its annual report to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted last week, meta blamed the evolution of laws and regulations from European courts, regulators and legislative bodies, arguing that they are affecting “critical operations” of the company. And this has led to an ultimatum from the American Internet giant, whose social networks are followed by almost half the world’s population every month.

Europe responds to Meta

After the auctioned threat, meta has not had to wait long for a response. And he has come from two European countries, France and Germany, which have basically told him that it’s okay, that the door is there and closes when you leave.

The background of the dispute is the data transfer agreement between the EU and the US called “Privacy Shield”, which was struck down by the European Court of Justice. The problem is that if the US and EU don’t agree soon on a new data transfer agreement or if meta no longer falls under other data transfer rules, “it’s likely that we won’t be able to offer several of our most important products and services, such as Facebook and Instagram, in Europe”.

However, during a joint press conference, Habeck and Le Maire seemed unfazed by the announcement: “I think these big digital corporations are not used to being contradicted,” Le Maire stressed, adding: “We don’t want our personal data is handed over to the digital giants without any control”.

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