France to welcome Brit tourists from June who have a 'Covid health pass'

Brits are allowed to return to Covid-ravaged France from June as long as they have a “health passport”.

Details of a new roadmap from the pandemic agreed by President Emmanuel Macron were released to the media on Thursday.

The plans allow British travelers – the largest group of visitors to Paris – as well as other foreigners to return to the country if they have a vaccination certificate or present a negative PCR test.

“Foreign tourists are allowed to return to French soil with the health passport,” a government source told French regional media representatives.

It has not been confirmed whether the passport requires a single dose or a full round of vaccination to be effective.

France is currently under lockdown, but this will be gradually lifted in May as restaurants and bars are allowed to reopen.

The four-phase plan sees France reopen fully just nine days after the UK, despite its higher infection, hospital and mortality rates.

France still has around 6,000 Covid patients in intensive care.

However, Macron’s full plan is expected to end a national travel ban on May 3.

The second phase begins on May 19, when the current curfew will be extended from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and the terraces of restaurants, bars and cafes can be reopened.

Museums, theaters, cinemas and non-essential shops can also open doors on this day. The maximum capacity is 800 people indoors and 1,000 people outdoors.


Cafes and restaurants are allowed to serve their customers in the house from June 9th if the curfew does not start until 11 p.m.

June 9th is also the date on which the “health passport” comes into force. In addition to trips abroad, this is also used for people attending mass gatherings of up to 5,000 people, such as football games or music festivals.

June 30th also marks the end of the curfew and a return to normalcy.

The roadmap will be nationwide, provided that the health situation in a particular region does not deteriorate. In this case “emergency brakes” are used.

Roland Héguy, head of the main French hotel and restaurant union Umih, said: “We finally have appointments, we have the keys to get out of the lockdown and we can organize ourselves to work in the three phases.”

Epidemiologist Catherine Hill told BFM TV: “More people are entering the ICU today than at the peak in November. So the situation is really very bad, and that’s when the government takes its foot off the brakes. It is. ” absolutely not reasonable. The virus continues to circulate. “

France has vaccinated 14.6 million people with at least one dose and is well on its way to reaching 20 million by mid-May and 30 million by mid-June.

The country has recorded 5.57 million Covid-19 cases and 103,947 deaths since the pandemic began.


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