Free digital book shares owners’ advice, tips and tales on adopting a rescue dog

Becoming a dog owner with your own fur baby is a huge commitment. Some may even say more than children.

And while puppies can be a handful, adopting a rescue dog can also come with challenges of its own.

There is a lot more to consider than just bringing them home – some need a little more help to settle in.

But they are absolutely worth it!

Not only will you and your furry friend form a very special bond by conducting a rescue, but you will also give a previously unwanted dog a second chance in life. Every dog ​​deserves a loving home!

Are you thinking of adopting a dog yourself? Our free digital book “Can I be your dog?” Can help.

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It’s full of heartwarming stories from owners – those who have adopted a rescue dog themselves.

You can also find helpful advice from Dogs Trust on their rehoming process. We hear from the pet food brand Pooch & Mutt how dogs can improve our mental health.

In addition to seeing the breeds most in need of a happy life, you can read stories from those who adopted an overseas stray dog, as well as a story from an owner and her beloved greyhound.

Do you need more convincing that this digital book is worth reading? Did we mention it’s FREE?


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