Free school meals programme extended by Government

The government’s free school feeding program will be extended “until students return to class,” Boris Johnson announced today (Jan. 27).

Speaking at a press conference on Downing Street, the prime minister said this would apply to eligible children who are out of classrooms, including packages and the national voucher system.

Approximately £ 300m will also be allocated to a “catch-up” program for students losing months of education during the pandemic.

Boris Johnson said children who are eligible for grocery packages or vouchers will be given them until they return to school.

According to the mirrorthe extension will not include the February halftime.

Instead, students will have to rely on the Covid Winter Grant program at halftime, which doesn’t offer flat-rate £ 15 per capita vouchers and which critics say drops some students through the cracks.

Johnson told MPs today, “As we extend the distance learning period beyond mid-February, I can confirm that the government has implemented regulations on the provision of free school meals to eligible children out of school, including grocery packs and the national voucher system , will extend until they return to school. “

Mr Johnson also said a “catch-up program” would be in place for both high school students and summer schools.

He added, “We will have a catch-up program in the next fiscal year that will include an additional £ 300 million in new money for schools for tuition.

“And we will work with the education sector to develop specific initiatives for summer schools and the Covid premium to support the catch-up process.”

Johnson announced today that lockdown measures will remain in place until at least March 8th – and set that date to begin reopening English schools.

He confirmed that students’ hopes of returning to class after mid-term in February had been given up as the fight against the coronavirus remained “dangerous”.

The March date is based on progress in vaccination of the most vulnerable groups in society through mid-February and subsequent effects.

So far, 6,996,247 people in the UK have received an initial dose of the Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccines, despite Mr Johnson acknowledging a “sense of frustration” with the patchy nature of the rollout.


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