French fishermen warn blockade targeting UK's Christmas supplies could start Friday

French fishermen who have lost the right to fish in British waters are planning a blockade that could begin as early as Friday October 15.

They are reportedly planning to import Christmas items into the UK. The fishermen also promise to block Calais, Dunkirk and the Channel Tunnel if necessary.

It comes after the UK government refused to give French fishermen many licenses to continue working in UK waters.

Fisherman Laurent Merlin told the BBC: “We are in a constant state of fear and anger. We will wait until Friday and then we will start organizing for the attack.”

“We’re going to disrupt as much as possible by blocking the things Britain needs most.”

“We’ve seen, [impact of the] Lack of gas; We will try to create another shortage of something else. We are ready to block everything: Calais, Dunkirk, the Channel Tunnel.

“We need this fishing license and we will do everything we can to get it,” he continued.

Local fisheries committee head Benoit Firmin says that if the blockade continues, it is possible that it could target Christmas supplies and go beyond the port of Boulogne – a major fishing port on the north coast of France.

When asked about other potential supply issues stemming from disagreements over fishing licenses, Shadow International Trade Secretary Emily Thornberry told LBC, “We need to take the heat out of this situation and make sure we are actually talking to each other, not yelling at each other across the canal.

“All this talk of vetoes and blockades and wars and everything else is completely inappropriate; we need a bit of adult politics and a bit of pragmatism.

“Stop dogma, find some realistic answers to these problems.”

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