French terror police investigate stabbings near former Charlie Hebdo offices

French terror police investigate stabbings near former Charlie Hebdo offices

PARIS – The French terrorist police have opened an investigation after at least two people were stabbed near the former offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris, French officials said on Friday.

Security forces in camouflage and with long weapons stormed to the scene after the “serious incident”, tweeted the Interior Ministry. A suspect has been arrested, the Paris Police Press Office confirmed to NBC News in a telephone interview.

The French anti-terrorist police, the Parquet National Anti-Terrorist, later took over the investigation.

French Prime Minister Jean Castex tweeted that he wanted to “take stock”.

Although the building in the northeast of the city was no longer used by Charlie Hebdo, it was attacked by Islamist gunmen in January 2015, in which 12 employees of the magazine were killed. On a day that killed people, a kosher supermarket was also attacked by 17 people.

The magazine’s staff have faced repeated threats since the attack, and last week police took one of them to a safe location from their home due to a “specific” threat, the police press office said.

Fourteen defendants, three of whom are on trial in absentia, are currently on trial for the attack. They are charged, among other things, with “complicity” in terrorist crimes and “criminal terrorist organization”.

Most say they thought they were helping plan an ordinary crime – not a terrorist attack, according to The Associated Press.

Earlier this month, Charlie Hebdo re-published controversial caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad to mark the beginning of the trial.

This is a groundbreaking story. Please try again to get updates. Alexander Smith reported from London.


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