Friends look on as woman risks life for beauty spot photo

A photographer captured the shocking moment when a woman risked her life for her own photo on the edge of a cliff – while her two friends watched from just three feet away.

Tyrone Campbell spotted the trio on Tuesday (October 26) while walking along the Seven Sisters – a series of chalk cliffs in the South Downs, East Sussex, before the woman went to the very edge.

Coast guards regularly urge visitors to stay away from the 200-meter cliff where giant cliffs tumbled last year.

It was only three months ago that a section of the old path broke east of the Belle Tout Lighthouse in Beachy Head.

However, despite surveillance, the vast majority of cliff falls occur suddenly with no warning signs.

Tyrone said, “As a photographer, I have to admit that I go to great lengths to get this perfect picture, but my health and safety always come first.

“As I was walking along the Seven Sisters on the South Downs and enjoying the spectacular view, I saw what looked like three daring young adults in the distance.

“I looked around beforehand and saw signs mentioning the edge of the cliff, but no warnings about falling rocks or landslides.

“I remember our local Argus newspaper posted on the subject in February 2021, showing photos of huge amounts of rock that have fallen from the cliffs in this area.

“Personally, I was very well aware of the dangers at this time of the year.

“Fortunately, one of the group waved the fearless friend back after the photos were taken and continued up the hill – excitingly showing the photos on the phone.

“I wonder would you risk anything for this angle?”

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