Frightening open on processors with Zen 3 architecture

With the Ryzen series, AMD came to the fore in the processor competition and became the target of hackers. The company acknowledged that an Intel Specter-like vulnerability has been discovered in processors with Zen 3 architecture.

AMD Zen 3 architecture is on the agenda for its vulnerability

The company recently released a report called AMD Predictive Store Forwarding Security Analysis. By comparing the vulnerability discovered in the published report to Specter v1, v2 and v4, AMD stated that similar attack scenarios also apply to processors with Zen 3 architecture.

Predictive Store Forwarding (PSF), designed to make the processor respond quickly, predicts the next instruction to be executed by the processor.

Inaccurate prediction of PSF technology creates a security vulnerability. In this way, hackers can access users’ data.

By explaining that the wrong prediction process takes place in two ways, the company underlined that hackers can trigger the wrong guessing process with malicious codes.

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