Fugitive British cocaine dealer, 37, arrested on Costa del Sol after escaping UK

A fugitive British cocaine trafficker was arrested on the Costa del Sol.

Spanish police said the 37-year-old, identified only by his initials PDT, had been sentenced to life imprisonment in the UK.

He was being held in the coastal town of Estepona, near Marbella, police confirmed.

It was not immediately clear how he had managed to flee Britain.

A spokesman for the Spanish National Police confirmed: “The National Police has arrested a wanted 37-year-old British man.

“He was held on an international arrest warrant for a drug trafficking crime.

“He was part of a criminal gang that supplied cocaine in northwest England.

“He was made a wanted man in February 2020.

“The sentence imposed on him for a drug trafficking crime in the UK is life imprisonment.”

The Spanish police arrested the British drug dealer

Officials from Madrid’s Audiencia Nacional, the court dealing with extradition cases, could not be reached this morning to confirm whether an extradition hearing had already taken place.

Last year five British people were arrested after police seized three tons of cannabis resin in a raid off the Costa del Sol.

Detectives said the drugs should be taken to a pleasure port in the resort of Fuengirola in southern Spain before being smuggled into the UK.

Three tons of cannabis were measured along with 1,600 pounds and several cell phones.

Police said the British were smuggling “large quantities of cannabis resin” into Spain.

It is not clear how the British managed to flee the UK and get to Estepona in Spain

An investigation by the Sunday Mirror found that British gangsters are increasingly choosing Dubai as a hiding place.

The city with its tower-filled skyline, a Ferrari in every parking lot and a sparkling nightlife hides a dark underbelly of expat crooks, drug trafficking and money laundering.

An investigation by the Sunday Mirror revealed reports of airport suitcases full of money and shady deals – while connoisseurs use corrupt influence to evade the law.

Middle Eastern crime expert Dr. Christopher Davidson, who had lived in the UAE city for six years, said: “The old joke was that there were more British gangsters in the average bar than there was at a roll call in Pentonville Prison.

“The number of people on the run in Dubai has definitely increased in recent years.

“In the past it was people fleeing debt, but there was a trend for big criminals to move there. Dubai has replaced the Costa del Sol as a meeting place for British gangsters. “


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