Galaxy Buds Pro appeared without being introduced

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro has not yet been launched but will be out of the box on a YouTube channel before the headset is launched. Looking at the previously leaked images and features, it seems to largely overlap. The headset comes in the same way as the Galaxy Buds Live charging case, which surprises with its design.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro before it was introduced

YouTuber Jeff Schick, also known as Digital Slang, is drawing attention with a video of the Galaxy Buds Pro released out of the box. He gives us his first impressions of the headset for 17 minutes with the video on how to open the box. We see the headphones live in the video for the first time and we can see that they match the rumors of recent months. The headset generally appears leaked.

While these headphones, which support wireless charging, offer 5 hours of use without the charging box, this time goes up to 18 hours when the charging box is involved. The headset is protected by IPX7 certification, has touch controls on the sides and includes active noise cancellation.

The headset also includes two different cable configurations, USB-A and USB-C, and comes with silicone ear tips in different sizes. Another important feature of the headset is the “transparency mode” which can detect ambient noise. In the video it is stated that the noise canceling function is good but it is reported to be low compared to its equivalents.

The same channel shared a different video, mainly comparing the new Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro and Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus. The headset, which appeared in two different videos with varying details, is expected to be released within two weeks.

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