Galaxy Z Fold 3 Can Arrive Without Physical Buttons, Patent Suggests

Galaxy Z Fold 3This Friday (21), the 91mobiles website unveiled an interesting patent application filed by Samsung with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Presenting a foldable device very similar to the one in the Galaxy Fold line, the documents describe a design with side touch controls, without mechanical components.

According to the website, the device described in the documents may be the Galaxy Z Fold 3, since the device has already appeared in various rumors and is expected for August.

The patent description justifies that the technology would avoid potential problems in the folding mechanism of the mobile phone, which could be caused by pressing the traditional physical buttons.

As the patent suggests, the user could operate the device by touch and gestures, with either the “open” or “closed” device. So, if implemented, Samsung would promote more freedom of use and consumer comfort by using the side touch buttons.

In this context, the novelty could also appear on other folding devices from South Korea, such as the Galaxy Z Flip. On the other hand, since it is a patent, it is worth waiting for Samsung’s official announcement before raising expectations, as the registration of the document may only have been done for the protection of intellectual property and therefore may not be implemented. in the final version of the mobile phone.

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