GAME Spain Opens Pre-Booking Lists For PS5 With A Reader: Date And All The Details

PS5: Do you want a PS5 with a disc reader? GAME Spain notifies the opening of the interest lists prior to the reservation of a unit very soon. GAME Spain confirms the opening of a new PS5 reservation list. The model with a disc reader is chosen for this round. From the company they affirm that they will open the list throughout today, March 22, 2022, so you must be attentive to their availability.

When will the PS5 model with a disc player open the interest lists for reservations at GAME Spain and how can I find out?

As we said during the opening, GAME Spain will open the interest list to reserve throughout today, March 22, 2022. To sign up you must go to this link while you are logged into your store account. You must be a member and not have previously purchased a PS5 console with that profile. Reservations are limited to one unit per member.

How can I complete the PS5 purchase and how do I get notified?

Once you have signed up for the list, GAME Spain will distribute the PS5 units with disc readers available to reserve in order or request of interest until the stock limit is reached. When you join the list you will be notified if you can complete the reservation through the email address in your profile. Of course, from the store they emphasize that signing up for the waiting list to buy PS5 in Game “does not guarantee the reservation”, since the allocation of reservations “will be carried out in strict order of registration”.

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