GameStop May Have Leaked New Nintendo Switch Console

GameStop Possible leaked new Nintendo Switch console. Ahead of Nintendo’s announcements at E3 Direct, GameStop leaks have confirmed the existence of a new Nintendo Switch model. It can even be the name of the model.

Rumors of a new Nintendo Switch console have been circulating in recent months and the number of these rumors has increased in recent weeks. Now, information from GameStop indicates that we will see a new and more advanced Switch version.

Nintendo has not yet responded to the rumors. In other words, while there is nothing confirming the company, there is nothing denying it. However, the number of rumors continues to grow. Time will tell if it’s true.

The name of the new console may have been announced

GameStop has launched a new “Bring the old” campaign. Some statements in this campaign caught the attention of console fans. In the campaign, which will last until June 19, it has also been announced how much credit the gamers will receive for which console. Those who bring a PS5 will get $350, and those who bring Nintendo Switch Lite will get $150.

The main standout piece was that there will be an extra $50 for some consoles. The names of these consoles were announced as New Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite or Xbox Series X/S. The highlight here was the New Nintendo Switch. The phrase New Nintendo Switch was also included in the small texts at the bottom of the page. This name may be the name of the enhanced version.

Nintendo event in 2 days

Nintendo is hosting E3 Direct in 2 days. The upgraded Switch version mentioned at that event may appear. Nintendo announced in an earlier statement that it would focus on software, but a lot of different events happened after that. The v1 and v2 versions, Nintendo Switch Lite, came after that announcement.

Of course, GameStop may have only used this name to fill the void. However, it is unlikely that there will be anything under such ad. Let’s see how Nintendo will explain this.

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