Garlic cattle feed that reduces cow burps could save planet

A new forage developed in Wales could cut greenhouse gases by taking 33 million cars off the road – by reducing the amount of wind for cows.

Swiss-British agritech company Mootral says its new natural dietary supplement Mootral Ruminant has been shown to reduce the amount of methane cows released by up to 38%.

It was developed by Mootral’s laboratories in Abertillery in the Welsh Valleys, Sky News reports. The use is being developed by Brades Farm Dairy of Farleton, Lancaster, which supplies “Original Barista Milk” to coffee lovers.

And it’s based on ingredients found in garlic that remove microorganisms in a cow’s stomach that create methane.

Mootral estimates that if all 1.5 billion cows in the world were to eat Mootral Ruminant for a year, reducing methane emissions would mean taking 330 million cars off the road – more than currently in use in the EU.

And it is said that it has now introduced the world’s first carbon credits that “come from reducing burp emissions from cattle”.

On its website, Mootral says, “Cows are creating the world’s first cattle-generated carbon credits thanks to Mootral’s groundbreaking natural feed additive, Mootral Ruminant.

“The feed additive has been shown to reduce the amount of methane they release by up to 38%, while naturally increasing yields and enabling the production of climate-friendly milk and beef.

Called the Tesla of Cows by one point of sale and featured in the New York Times, Bloomberg and The Times of London, Mootral Ruminant is the result of years of research initiated by leading research institute Neem Biotech and at birth led the spinout company Mootral.

“Mootral is the first to sell carbon credits created by reducing methane emissions from cattle. This means companies around the world can buy CowCredits to offset their emissions.”

Thomas Hafner, CEO of Mootral, said: “Cows play an important role in our ecosystem, improve soil quality, support carbon sequestration and provide an excellent source of food. It is time for us to help them become part of the solution in the global fight against climate change.

“By reducing methane emissions, which are 84 times as strong as greenhouse gases as carbon dioxide in the first 20 years, Mootral is a scalable technology that opens up the possibility of averting climate disasters while we decarbonise the economy.

“We are very excited to bring Mootral carbon credits to market: they offer buyers great value, make a real difference in emissions, and help maintain our old farming communities and traditions.”

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“I’m on a mission to eventually make this feed supplement available to all ranchers free of charge, but I need future-oriented investors to get on board today and help us grow internationally. We’re looking for investors.” who want to tackle climate change globally, but want to make a difference locally.

“Ethical investors who want to help farmers in their supply chains reduce emissions while increasing yields and selling their milk for a premium.”

Mootral wants companies and individuals to offset their carbon footprint by purchasing CowCredits for around £ 60.

While other systems are planting trees to offset carbon emissions, Mootra’s program includes buying forage to reduce methane emissions.


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