Gatherings at gym, a hotel and houses in England broken up by police

People attending a gym, hotel and house party have been fined as police enforce new regulations on coronavirus.

Essex Police Department reported that 18 “reckless revelers” were fined nearly £ 15,000 after officials interrupted a house party on Saturday. In Merseyside, police found around 200 people partying at a hotel in the early hours of Sunday morning and broke up a gathering of 20 people at a gym on Saturday night.

An Essex Police spokesman said officials visited a house on Bury Road in Sewardstonebury at around 5 p.m. on Saturday after reports of a party and upon arrival initially denied entry to anyone who claimed to be making a music video.

Eighteen people on the property, 17 from London and one from Essex, were fined £ 800 each after higher penalties were introduced.

Deputy Police Commissioner Pippa Mills said, “Not only are these selfish individuals disregarding their own safety, but they are also not concerned about the safety of the local community, the police officers taking care of their safety, or the reckless behavior NHS under incredible pressure. “

Police said an investigation was ongoing to determine whether two previous illegal gatherings on the vacant rental property were organized by the same person.

In Merseyside, police filed solid charges against 19 people found in the Shred Fast Gym on Long Lane in Aintree at 10:30 p.m. on Saturday.

The force, who reported the business owner to the local authority, said attendees were not wearing PPE or social distancing and had traveled from areas such as Billinge, Widnes, Wirral and Southport.

Deputy Chief of Police Rob Carden wrote on Twitter: “Twenty people on yoga mats who burn pieces of paper with negative thoughts have now received new pieces of paper from @MerseyPolice that read ‘Fixed Punishment’.

“Seriously, if we don’t support the suspension, we’ll all be there longer.”

At 3.15am, officials found around 200 people at the Richmond Hotel in Liverpool city center, where four parties were taking place.

A police spokesman said 13 firm criminal charges were issued, 11 documented warnings were given, and anyone who was not a legitimate guest at the hotel was removed.

A woman was arrested on suspicion of violating the coronavirus law and two attacks on a police officer, and a man was arrested as he wanted, the troops said.

Chief Superintendent Matt Boyle said, “This type of behavior is incredible and unacceptable, and officials should not face abuse and violence while trying to comply with the law that most people rightly obey.”

In London, 72 people were reported for considering firm £ 800 criminal charges when officials were called to a party on a moored boat in North Acton, Ealing, shortly after 11 p.m. on Saturday, the Metropolitan Police said.

A press secretary said the organizer of the event, which appears to have been organized on social media, had been identified and reported for consideration of a fixed £ 10,000 fine.

The latest coronavirus regulations in England, which went into effect at 5pm on Friday, include fines of £ 800 for anyone caught at house parties with groups of more than 15 people and will double after each offense, until at a maximum of £ 6,400 for repeat offenders.


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