GBBO: Chigs gets Hollywood handshake and star baker after spectacular pudding week

Great British bake-off favorite Chigs wowed the jury this week and opened the show with his first Hollywood handshake.

Chigs, who normally works as a sales manager in Leicestershire, has only been baking for a few months but has already proven himself in Britain’s most famous tent.

This week’s episode started with the baker hired to make a pavlova, a tricky casserole that makes a perfect meringue.

The job was a challenge for a number of bakers, including vegan candidate Freya, whose Aquafaba recipe struggled to get right.

But Chigs held his own and offered the judges a perfect pavlova.

The cake certainly looked good to the audience at home and when he presented his creation to the jury, they were just as impressed.

Prue said to his Pavlova: “She is beautiful. It’s soft, but stable in the middle and crispy on the outside. I think it’s wonderful.

“The acid and the cream are just wonderful.”

Paul continued the high praise for Chigs’ Pavlova, adding, “There’s a nice marshmallow in there, and it’s sturdy enough to hold on to. It’s pretty difficult to find that balance, but like you do the top and the Having made chocolate, I just can’t, you know …

And with that, he reached out to offer Chigs his first Hollywood handshake.

But that wasn’t the end of it for Chigs, as he also impressed the jury during the technical challenge when the bakers were asked to prepare a sticky toffee pudding and the showstopper, a festive layered jaconde dessert.

His baking turned out to be so good that Chigs not only won a Hollywood handshake but was also crowned star baker – much to his shock.

Commenting on the success at the end of the show, he said, “What happened? To get a handshake and a star baker in a week … I’m speechless and that never happens.”

However, the same good news wasn’t shared by Maggie, who struggled throughout the episode.

Maggie, who is the oldest contestant on this year’s series, forgot to add flour to her sticky toffee pudding and her jaconde turned out to be a bit leaky.

She was the fourth baker to leave the tent.


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