Gemma Collins on abuse, miscarriage and 'stuffing her face'

Self-confessed diva Gemma Collins has delved into school bullying, social media critics, and her battles over a baby.

Tonight, the only way to see Essex star known as “The GC” is on ITV’s Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, where she shows off the vulnerable side of her personality.

The 40-year-old former car dealer who went on to become a celebrity shares her experience of being bullied at school, which has now invaded her adult life through social media trolls.

She said, “You don’t forget, but that’s the downside of fame. I’m much more comfortable in myself now.”

Piers travels back to the time the star first tried to make it through at the age of 18, when Gemma got emotional.

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Piers told Gemma how her first TV appearance earned her around 3,000 new ones Twitter Trailer, and went on to interview the reality star about the abuse she received for starring on the show.

She said, “It was hard; I’m not going to lie, it was hard.

“There were times when fans went online and said we hate you. I think one of them said, ‘Get in your car and have a car accident – wish you were dead.’

“You have to have a very thick skin and I think this is where the GC was created.

But Twitter Users had no sympathy for the star as they shared thoughts on Gemma’s vulnerability ahead of today’s show.

One user said, “If being trolled is a problem. Don’t read it. It couldn’t be easier.”

Another added: “The bottom of the barrel has been scraped so thin that it is now breaking!”

A third tweeted, “Piers Morgan I love your life stories on ITV, but I’m sorry, but I’ll miss the ones with Gemma Collins on Thursday because I can’t stand them. Waste of fresh air but will definitely look forward to the rest of the series. ”

The tearful Collins said the perpetrators called her “fat” and added, “Look at you and stuff your face.”

However, one fan endorsed her honesty, adding, “Gemma Collins is right when talking about food is a form of self-harm.

“I wish those who say fat people are lazy and greedy would understand and not judge me that way.”

Gemma Collins on abuse, miscarriage and 'stuffing her face' 1

Speaking of how some people will even say cruel things to her face, she said, “It was so embarrassing once that I took my mom to lunch, pulled up a van, and they started molesting me. It wasn’t for me – I felt so hurt that this happened in front of my mom. “

“I’m used to it again, but I didn’t want my mother to hear,” she said, revealing that her mother was “very upset” by the incident.

Collins also discussed her ongoing struggle with her weight, saying, “I mean, every opportunity – when I’m happy, I eat, when I’m sad, I eat.

“I think it’s about dealing with your emotions and finding a way to deal with them in a healthy way and not turn to something that can harm you because it’s like a form of self-harm.”

Collins was also asked by Piers to delete her own sex tape after she revealed she had one and said she could be talked into selling it for £ 1 million.

The Towie star revealed that she made a sex tape two years ago that she said would “knock Kim Kardashian off her podium”.

“I could go skinting one day and I have to do a Kim K.”

She added, “You know what, sex sells.”

Piers Morgan’s life stories are on ITV Thursday at 9 p.m.


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