'Genius' TikTok trick shows you how to hang up on someone – without looking bad

A woman’s advice on how to end an awkward call has gone viral.

With many younger people preferring to text text rather than actually phone, social media personality Woah Vicky revealed how to get out of the situation.

The Clever Phone Hack That Comes From The YouTube Series Unfiltered with Zane and Heath has had more than 11 million views since they were shared using the @unfiltered account on TikTok.

And people branded Vicky a “genius” for her clever tip.

If she immediately regrets taking the call, she continues – and then switches her phone to airplane mode.

Turning on airplane mode disconnects the call and does not end the call. So the caller receives a message that the call did not fail when you hung up.

Lots of people were impressed with the tactics.

One said, “She’s actually a secret genius.”

Another admitted that they would act on her advice: “Whaaaat. I now know what to do.”

And a third said, “She’s teaching me things.”


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