Genshin Impact Geoculus: Where Are All Liyue’s Orbs

We describe the location in Liyue of all Genshin Impact geoculi, now available for free on PC, PlayStation 4, iOS and Android.

Genshin Impact has several secrets for us to uncover as we progress through the adventure and increase our rank and level. Many surprises and hidden collectibles are waiting for us in Teyvat, so as part of this complete guide, we’ll help you get them. This time, we gather virtually to talk in detail about the Geoculus, floating orange spheres with the elemental sign Geo (Earth) that serve the same purpose as the Anemoculus: offering them as an offering to the Statues. out of seven. If we collect a few and deliver them, we can get the specific rewards of each image, so it is recommended that you do this.

Where can you find the Geoculus Orbs from Liyue

One of the differences from anemoculi is the fact that there are 131 geoculi, so the number is more than double that of their fellow anemo. Here we’ll leave a series of places where to find them, as well as a map with symbols indicating their exact location. On the other hand, and in general terms, we recommend that you pay attention to the whole scenario so that you don’t get away from it:

  • Floating in the air above rocks, mountains, buildings and more
  • Black Jewel Reborn Gameplay Teaser
  • On top of the stone towers or pillars
  • Hidden in ruins or caves
  • On islands that we can find in the middle of wetlands
  • Close to statues such as those of the Seven or temples such as the lion
  • In places that may seem out of reach, but once we let our imaginations run wild and try in ingenious ways, we will find they are within our reach. Examples include flying towards them by jumping from a nearby raised surface or using a special ability such as Wind (Venti) to soar into the sky or Geo (build a large rock that we can climb to reach the respective sphere. to achieve).

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