Genshin Impact presents Pyro-type character Klee

miHoYo shares a new trailer for its RPG focusing on Klee, a character who can now be part of our team; new banner Twinkling Steps.

Genshin Impact is getting a new playable character with Klee, a young Pyro-type bomber who arrives with the new Sparkling Steps banner and who can now join our team. This is how miHoYo presented it through a new trailer you can see below this news; This new banner also features other characters that have been known for a limited time, such as Sucrose, Xingqiu and Noelle.

New to the Twinkling Steps banner

As a result, Genshin Impact players will recognize Klee from the main adventure, a character we knew from level 32; Well, with the arrival of the new banner, we can now add Klee to our team, a young Pyro-type bomber with a 5-star rarity to perform pyrotechnic bombings and fire lasers.

On the other hand, her special attack will make it possible to drop a bomb that bounces across the stage and, when detonated, leaves the ground full of mines; Finally, Klee’s most powerful attack summons a series of flaming lasers that will hit any nearby enemy and cause devastating effects. Plus, as with the previous Venti banner, every shot of the Twinkling Steps banner offers a 50% chance of being Klee, so if we don’t get it the first time, it will definitely fall on the next reel.

Don’t miss our guide with all the secrets, best tips and tricks and everything you need to know about Genshin Impact before embarking on your adventure in this new action RPG set in the open world of miHoYo. Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PlayStation 4 and iOS and Android devices, with a version for Nintendo Switch scheduled for later, with no definite date.

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