Genshin Impact: the biggest Chinese video game launch

MiHoYo’s title exceeds expectations: Genshin Impact has had a successful launch (and the developers have not spared to make this possible)

It just seemed to want to hit the market as sort of a clone of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but that’s not the case at all: aside from the obvious similarities, as we explained in our review. Gianluca Arena, Genshin Impact has its depth, its considerable merits and, despite being free, it never pushes for microtransactions.

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These features give it a truly record launch for the Chinese market: according to what Qimai Data reported and reported by SCMP, we are basically talking about the best ever launch in the world for a Chinese video game. A real turning point for the Dragon market, which has always had a special relationship with the video game industry, and recently enticed audiences around the world with the presentation of the intriguing Black Myth, of which we would like to know more.

The data also shows that we are talking about the video game that has the second-best revenue ever on the App Store in China (even before TikTok, which is called Douyin in the domestic market).

Moreover, interest was already high before launch: as many as 16 million Chinese players had pre-registered to access the game at the time of its debut, while in the rest of the world there were about 5.3 million – unprecedented numbers.

To achieve this, miHoYo has gone to great lengths: As the company’s co-founder Liu Wei says, the game’s development and promotion budget is approximately $ 100 million. One way, according to market experts, to demonstrate with conviction that the Chinese market also wants to grow once and for all in video games.

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